Adelante Document Destruction Services offers very competitive pricing, and with our services you pay based on what you want and need.

Do you want to destroy paper or e-media?
Do you want our high-security bin service? If so, how many high-security bins will your company need?
Do you want Adelante’s premium mobile service?

How often will you require service? One time or ongoing? Weekly, monthly or as-needed?

Adelante can offer a discount for high-volume and long-term contracts. Otherwise, service for service, the price will be equitable for personal shredding or for businesses. If you just need a one-time purge of just a few boxes of documents, you can take advantage of our walk in service, Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. No appointment necessary.

If you need more specific information, or if you are not sure how to gauge how many pounds of paper you need us to shred, please contact our sales professionals for a quote that meets your needs.


Standard Shredding (purges and walk-in customers) $12.00 up to 50 pounds, $0.24 per pound additional (a standard banker’s box of paper weighs about 30 pounds)
High-Security Container Shredding $17.00 up to 30 pounds, $0.57 per pound additional
Witnessed Shredding $22.00 up to 27 pounds, $0.82 per pound additional
E-Media Shredding $17.00 up to 12 pounds, $1.42 per pound additional
Hard-Drive Destruction $15.00 each
Hard-Drive Witnessed Destruction $20.00 each