Document imaging and electronic storage of files is fast becoming the key to cost-effective and easily accessible records systems for medical, legal, and financial businesses. Quite simply, the volume of records that must be kept for legal and historical reasons can become really unmanageable without a systematic approach.

That is where Adelante Document Imaging can help. Whether you own a private company or run a governmental organization, our unique, comprehensive system will help your team get a better handle on what records need to be kept and for how long, and help you end up with a set of indexed files that you can locate quickly and efficiently.

This process helps companies save money on storage and on staffing, especially companies that have to set aside budget dollars every year for staff whose role is to access patient or client files. Furthermore, the end result improves efficiency by alleviating the problems that arise from an inability to find the files you need, such as not being able to find a complete client record, a specific contract, or a medical file.

Adelante has experienced staff members that can help you move from piles of storage boxes toward a more manageable future where you are only storing what you truly need and where you have a solid records retention policy in place that will serve your needs long into the future. Adelante also has earned ISO 9001:2008 certification, further evidence that Adelante's quality processes are well proven.

Adelante is also part of eDocAbilities, a partnership of non-profit SourceAmerica agencies from around the United States who work and bid on jobs as one organization. Adelante and eDocAbilities strive to provide secure document management and conversion services to all companies and governmental entities, whether they serve our local community or the entire nation.


Document Imaging

is ISO Certified

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