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PhotoWhat should be shredded?

  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Confidential financial information
  • Customer/clients lists or records
  • Draft or obsolete contracts
  • Job applications
  • Insurance forms and records
  • Medical/patient records
  • Personnel information
  • ALL paper and materials of a confidential nature 

What kinds of services are offered by Adelante Document Destruction Services?

  • Shredding paper and electronic media
  • Complete destruction of computer hard-drives. Some companies just use a drill press, but our machine crushes the internal drive completely to protect your information from hackers
  • Recycling of x-rays
  • All paper materials end up being recycled and turned back into paper products, so this is good for your business and your customers, and good for the planet, too.


Do I have to work with Adelante Document Destruction on a particular schedule?

No, Adelante understands that all companies and individuals have different needs. We can provide service in the following ways:

  • On-Going - a steady contract where we have an agreed upon price and bin locations with scheduled pick-up times to meet your needs
  • Purges - Getting rid of large sums of paper or hard-drives at one time
  • Walk-in - Bringing boxes to our location off First Street to be shredded

Where do you offer services?

Adelante DDS offers services throughout New Mexico. We also can offer shredding for regional and national companies through our association with Secure Document Alliance. Our shredding service is located at Adelante's Secure Document Center on First Street between Menaul and Lomas in downtown Albuquerque's northeast heights. Our address is 1618 First Street NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. Document Destruction Services can be reached at 505.884.4702.

What does the FACTA legislation require businesses to shred?

See our legal news page for all the details.

What will I have to pay?

Adelante Document Destruction Services pricing depends on what services you or your business needs. For example, the price varies based on what you need destroyed (paper or e-media), how many high-security bins your company needs, and how often you require service. The price also varies by the amount of documents or hard-drives you need destroyed and whether you need a one-time purge or on-going shredding plan.

To get a general idea of the fees that may apply, Adelante Document Destruction Services provides the following walk-in pricing for various shredding options:

Standard Shredding

$0.20 per pound; $10.00 minimum (a standard banker's box of paper weighs about 30 pounds)

High Security Shredding

$0.52 per pound; $12.00 minimum

Witness Shredding

$0.72 per pound; $17.00 minimum

E-Media Shredding

$1.06 per pound; $16.00 minimum

E-Media Witness Shredding

$2.06 per pound; $21.00 minimum (up to 10 lbs) 

Hard Drive Destruction-  $11.00 each
Hard Drive Witness Destruction- $16.00 each

If you need more specific information and are not sure how to gauge how many pounds of paper you have to shred, please contact our sales professionals for a quote that meets your needs, or get a quote online. Adelante will be happy to send a document retention and destruction specialist to your site to help assess your destruction needs.

What if I just need a few boxes of paper shredded from an estate or my home office?

Adelante has the same fees (stated above) for individuals and small businesses. We do, however, have minimum fees that apply when people bring in small amounts of paper. Standard shredding has a $10.00 minimum.

To estimate your fees, keep in mind that a standard bankers box full of paper weighs 30 to 35 pounds and would therefore cost you $10.00 for standard shredding services. If you want to witness the shredding of your documents personally or want it shredded in the smallest pieces we offer, the minimums above would apply.

Ready to shred? Simply drop your boxes off at our conveniently located site and work directly with Adelante's customer service personnel. It's a simple process, making it easy for you to safely and securely get rid of accumulated documents without standing over your personal shredder for hours on end. Our location, operating hours, map, and phone number are listed above. Thank you for considering using our services. We value each and every customer.

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